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    When you post an ad on our website, it will remain in our system for 30 days. It will also appear on the homepage with the latest ads and fall from the homepage as newer ads are placed. To get the maximum benefit and advertising exposure, it is important to take out a featured or extended option for your ad. Featured ads will remain on the homepage for the time you select and our prices are very very cheap! Extended ads will remain in our system and gain more search engine exposure, for the time frame you select.

    Featured ad prices

    1 Day = $2

    3 Days = $5

    7 Days = $8

    14 Days = $10

    30 Days = $15

    Extended ad prices

    60 More Days = $5

    180 More Days = $8

    365 More Days = $10

    All prices are in US Dollars and payments are accepted securely through Paypal. After creating your advert, select one of our featured or extended options, make payment and your ad will go live with the selected option instantly. You will gain 80% more hits and create more sales and signups using our paid ad options.

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